What began as "Church Trails" has expanded to include trails in places of historic interest, town trails and most recently memory trails. They are not intended to be a quiz, but are intended to encourage exploration, discussion and knowledge of our cultural history, including art and architecture.

"Children's Trails" encourage 8-12 year olds and their families to learn about a building and inspire them to visit and enjoy others.  These trails are usually created for a church or other religious building, but can be for any interesting building.  The Question Sheet is on an A4 sheet of paper, in a child-friendly design. The Answer Sheet provides knowledgeable and well-researched responses for the accompanying adult.  In 2018, The Arts Society Test Valley created its first Children's Trail - for St Mary's Church, Monxton.  If you would like us to create a trail for your church, please click here.

"Memory Trails" (originally called "Dementia Trails") are designed to promote recall and conversation for those who are suffering memory loss, and can be left with a local care home, so that they are available for anyone planning an outing to a local church with an individual or group. 

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