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07 November 2018Barcelona: with and without Gaudí
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19 October 2011The Arts and Crafts Movement
20 April 2011Plays and Pleasure Gardens - and Foundlings! Entertainment and the Arts in 18th Century London

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Barcelona: with and without Gaudí
Clyde Binfield Wednesday 07 November 2018


Clyde describes himself as a man of Kent, Cambridge graduate, cruise lecturer, Professor Emeritus in History University of Sheffield, and a straight-up-and-down historian returning to some first and last loves - buildings, their creators and their settings.

This lecture focuses on Antoni Gaudí (1852-1926), an outstandingly creative architect whose work is immediately recognisable and surprisingly demanding. It begins with Barcelona, cosmopolitan, European, and Catalonian. It explores the myths which have gathered round Gaudí himself and then it concentrates on his major buildings and his remarkable patrons. And how is Gaudí to be assessed? Is his work kitsch, or genius, or both at once? Or is it more serious, compelling, and moving than words like kitsch or genius can suggest? That will be for you to judge. 

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