01 January 2020Young Arts Projects
22 October 2019Andover College
20 May 2019Andover Young Carers
07 December 2018Harrow Way Community School
04 December 2017Winton Community Academy
29 November 2017Andover College
16 October 2017Norman Gate School
03 July 2017Icknield School
01 November 2016Pilgrims' Cross CE Aided Primary School
27 June 2016Stockbridge Primary School
18 November 2015Andover Young Carers
09 July 2015Harrow Way Community School
06 May 2015Andover Young Carers
05 March 2014Andover Education Centre
08 October 2013Andover Young Carers
27 March 2013Vernham Dean Gillum’s School
20 September 2012St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School, Andover
03 May 2012Appleshaw St Peter’s C of E Primary School
05 April 2011Broughton Primary School
04 April 2011Shipton Bellinger Primary School
17 March 2011Andover College

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Young Arts Projects
Wednesday 01 January 2020

The Arts Society Test Valley (formerly Test Valley DFAS) has been supporting Young Arts Projects in local schools and community groups for some years. We want to encourage young people to become aware of and enjoy the arts, and we hope they will develop a lifelong interest in our artistic heritage.

Young Arts projects can cover a wide range of activities, including practical workshops, transport costs for visits to galleries or museums, materials and equipment.

You can see some of the projects that we have supported listed here and there are more pictures in the Gallery.